In 2013, I was looking for an activity to do with my son who was, and still is, interested in science.  We finally settled on rock collecting together.  We purchased our first mineral specimens, and we were hooked.  My first specimen in my collection was a small piece of malachite from China that I bought on eBay.  While my son’s collection is nowhere near as organized as mine (I don’t force any collecting rules on him, and let him follow his own path), I think he may actually have more specimens than I do.  It’s amazing how people at the rock clubs will just give him stuff!

Shortly after we started collecting, we joined the Roseville Rock Rollers in California, a terrific group of people!  In 2015, I was elected Vice-President of the club and wrote several articles for our monthly newsletter, many of which I will reuse here in this blog.  My son was awarded with the Junior Rockhound of the Year award that same year.

In 2016, I was again selected as the club Vice-President.  In early 2016, I began doing the legwork for setting up Lithoi Minerals.  Life, as so often happens, intervened, and in the middle of the year, my family relocated to Colorado Springs.  It wasn’t until early 2017 that I truly got Lithoi Minerals off the ground and selling on eBay (seller: lithoiminerals).

My son and daughters (now that they are old enough) and I have now joined the Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society and are getting familiar with all that Colorado has to offer (and it’s a lot!).  This June, Lithoi Minerals will be a vendor at the Pikes Peak Rock, Gem and Jewelry Show – our first big show!

It is my goal to post on this blog at least once a week to show off specimens that are for sale, to provide interesting articles, or to keep you up to date on what I’m doing in the world of mineralogy.  So please, subscribe to this blog and follow lithoiminerals on eBay and on Facebook!